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hi guys. I'm sorry it's been ages since I wrote last, I don't even know who reads this thing. Anyway, I haven't really felt like writing either in here or my personal journal, don't ask me why, I have no clue. Right, I'm rambling, I'll stop now.
Um, there isn't really much to write, actually. I haven't really done much, mostly hung out here. we went and saw nannie the other day, she's doing good, although she said she was tired. oh, best news, she's walking on her own. before, she'd hold on to her walker or wheelchair, but now she's actually walking without hanging on to anything. The first time she did that while I was there, I'm like, "do they know you're doing this?" meaning her nurse and whatnot. She said elizabeth didn't know yet. I swear, I flipped slightly, I thought she was gonna fall or something, but things were all good. She's only taking really small steps, she says it's like a baby learning to walk, but I'm thrilled. Like I told her, she could be a lot worse off.
Other than that, not much has gone on. Oh, I'm probably getting a demo voicenote MPower. For those of you who are sighted, it's like a mini computer, I guess that's the closest I can describe it. Anyway, I'm supposed to call this guy named chris on wednesday, and I guess we'll discuss things then. Yaaay, I can't wait, this thing is really cool. You can play mp3s on it, do most kinds of work except spreadsheets, and can even surf the net wirelessly, something I really want to try out. If I do decide to buy it though, I'm going to see if wherever I get it from will let me pay in installments, since it's gonna cost me over three thousand dollars.
Oh, I can't remember if I wrote in here or not, but I found an adapter for my bns, yaaay. I've transfered some stuff, it works great. Um, what else can I write about? Oh yeah, I think I'm gonna order more Oara Fabian stuff on monday, nue for sure, and possibly nine, depending on how much they are.
Ok, I'm out of stuff to say, and I'm feeling slightly crappy. my throat has been bugging me all day, and I'm half plugged up. So I think I'll go and crash. Write more soon.


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