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Hey everyone. There's a contest that Leann Rimes's fanclub is putting on, and I'm going to enter, but I need your help to do it.

Hey LeAnn fans!!

We have an exciting new contest for you!! The "Refer A Friend" contest is a great way for you to help spread the word about LeAnn's cool fan club and website,
and for you to win some cool prizes too!!

Here's how it works:

1. Starting Monday, January 8th, just login to the Fan Club Area to get your own personal URL (link)!

Copy your personalized URL (LINK) and pass it out to your family and friends. This LINK will keep track of your referrals. Every time a friend clicks on
your LINK or types the LINK in their browser, it will count towards your referrals. Of course they also have to complete a membership purchase between
January 15 and February 19, 2007.

2. Here are some ideas of what you can do! Email, text, call, or write to all your family and friends to tell them about and all the
benefits they can receive from being a member. Include your LINK to the Fan Club page where they can sign up. Make your own flyers to pass out at work,
school, concerts, or anywhere that could get you more referrals...but be sure to include your LINK on the flyers and tell your fellow fans to type your
LINK in the browser before filling out the membership form. If you have a profile, use it to link to LeAnn's bulletins, blogs,
and comments to tell your MySpace friends about the contest! Be creative and most importantly...have fun!!

3. We want to know how many LeAnn fans you can sign up to be a Fan Club Member! We have some great prizes to give not only
one...but 5 WINNERS!! Don't forget...the 5 members that refer the most friends to the Fan Club will receive:
An autographed and personalized CD and T-shirt, and "Everybody's Someone" video treatment!
Two (2) tickets to a LeAnn concert of your choice in 2007! (Transportation/Travel will not be provided for the show that is chosen and special events are
not optional).
The Grand Prize winner, out of the Top 5, will also receive a personal phone call from LeAnn!!
Thank you for your support and for spreading the word about; most of all, have fun during the contest!!
Good luck to all of you!!

Not a member yet? Join now!
View your standings on the Fan Club page!
Here are the rules and regulations:

1. The contest begins on January 15th and ends on February 19th . You can log in starting Monday, January 8th to get your personal URL (LINK).
You must be a Fan Club Member to qualify and participate.
If you are not a current Fan Club Member, you can sign up and get credit as your own referrer. Every Fan Club Member will begin the contest with one referral.
3. When you "Refer A Friend" to, they must be linked to the site with your LINK to qualify. If they don't enter your LINK, there is
no going back to change it.
4. In order for you to get credit, your friend must purchase a membership to The transaction must be finalized before the entry will
count towards your total referrals.
5. There is no limit on how many times your LINK is used because we want to see how many friends you can refer to the Fan Club!
6. The five (5) members with the most referrals will win an autographed CD, t-shirt, "Everybody's Someone" video treatment, and two (2) tickets to a 2007
concert! (Transportation/travel will not be provided for the show that is chosen). Out of those 5 winners, the member with the most referrals will also
receive a special prize, a phone call from LeAnn!!

So if you could all help me out I'd be thrilled. of course, if you're not a fan or not interested in joining the fanclub, that's cool too, but the more members i can refer, the better.
For your referral to count towards my entry, you have to click on the following link:
Thanks everyone! <3<3


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